The future of building development is virtual tours, VR will save you much time and money in the pre-sell stage of new developments and renovations.
The short video below demonstrates just how easy it is to change between rooms in real time within the VR environment. It also gives a feel for what it’s like to move through a building in virtual reality.

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1. Client Connection

Your clients can tour your developments from anywhere in the world. No more limitations of selling to local clients, or having to fly in cashed up investors.

2. Licensing and Legislation

By offering a complete three-dimensional plan before the first shovel full of earth is dug, even local zoning administrators can enter the 21st century with the help of VR and can also make their lives and the lives of the people applying for licenses easier by assessing without having to schedule or even come by the property.

3. Management

Once the project is underway, contractors, property managers, and clients can all keep track of the actual progress and compare it to the proposals. This will enhance appropriate and effective communications about real progress and even the occasional setback and encourage everyone to keep on track and on schedule.

4. Sales

Clients sell 30% – 50% more upgrades using VR